Nations League – Final Four

The final four of the Football Nations League is coming to Portugal and also to Oporto between the 5th and the 9th June 2019. Besides Oporto, also Guimarães will be hosting some of the games of this final four. The football teams playing this final four are Portugal, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. The final match will take place in Dragão stadium – Oporto.

The schedule for matches is the following:

  • 5th June – OPorto – Portugal – Switzerland
  • 6th June – Guimarães – Netherlands – England
  • 9th June – 14h00 – Guimarães – 3rd and 4th place
  • 9th June – 19h45 – Oporto – Final

Ticket prices range from 30 to 120 euros for all matches except the final. The final ticket prices range from 40 to 150 euros. All tickets can be purchased in the UEFA website.

If you are into Football, then thi...

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Porto World Battle – 2019

After starting as an eurobattle of street dancing, the Porto World Battle is now a major world event that gathers performers from all over the world. In 2019, the 14th edition of this event is going to be all over Oporto, from Ribeira to Coliseu and much more.

Most of the battles will take place on the MXM Art Center between the 3rd and the 4th May, however, the final will be hosted by the Hard Club. The types of dance included in this event are: bboying, bgirling, hip-hop, house, popping and locking, bboying kids 1vs1, bonnie & clyde, footwork, toprock, powermoves, bboying 1vs1, open styles 3vs3, cypher locking, cypher Popping, cypher hip-hop, cypher house, cypher dancehall and cypher krump.

For more info and tickets, please visit the Porto World Battle website...

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Free access – Chinese National Ballet in Oporto

The Oporto mayor and the Chinese ambassador in Portugal are promoting a ballet show that will take place on the 27th March 2019 at 21h00. This show performed by the Chinese National Ballet company intends to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and China.

The show is free, however, those interested in watching it must stop by the Coliseu Porto Ageas ticket stand to get your free tickets. They are already available for collection and should run out soon.

If you are into ballet and happen to be in Oporto during this week, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss! Get your tickets now!

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Open House Oporto 2019

The 5th edition of Open House is going to take place between the 29th and 30th June 2019. This initiative aims at showing the inside architecture and decoration of houses in Oporto, Gaia and Matosinhos. In this year’s edition, there will be more than 70 houses available to show during this event with 60% being shown for the first time.

Participation is free and if you want to know more about this initiative, you can visit the Open House website.

If you are going to be in Oporto during the end of June and you want to know more about the inside of a typical Oporto houses, then this is an opportunity you should not miss!! Book now and stay with us!!

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Women’s Race 2019

The 14th edition of the Women’s Race will take place in Oporto on the 19th May 2019. In similar lines to what happened last year, this year the race will have a total length of 5 kms, starting at 10h00 in Antas avenue. The Race is sponsored by the Oporto City Council and last year it managed to gather 22 000 participants from 25 different countries.

Enrolment in this race is open and if you are interested you can visit the race promoter’s website. Part of the enrolment price will be given to charities: 1 euro for IPO and breast cancer support.

If you are into running and you are going to be in Oporto on the 19th May, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss. Book now!!

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James coming to Oporto twice!

The UK band James is going to perform live twice in Oporto in 2019. With the first gig scheduled for the 3rd April already sold out, the band decided to announce another live performance for the 13th September 2019. The September concert will take place in Parque da Pasteleira whereas the 3rd April gig will take place in Coliseu Ageas. The 13th September 2019 will also be the time for the release of their 15th album of originals, named Living in Extraordinary Times.

Tickets are already available for purchase in FNAC and ticketline, with prices starting from as low as 28 euros.

If you are a fan of James, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss. Buy now your tickets for the September gig and stay with us at the Oporto Sunset Blue Balcony!

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Portugal fashion back to Oporto

The 2019 edition of the Portugal fashion is going to happen in Oporto between the 14th and the 17th March. After New York, London, Milan and Paris, Oporto is the next stop for this event that is going to be held in Alfândega building over the next 4 days.

There will be more than 40 fashion shows featuring some of the main brands and national designers. They will be presenting their autumn-winter collection.

For more info, please visit the Portugal Fashion website.

If you are into fashion and want to know the local trends, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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Climate Change Leadership

The Climate Change Leadership conference starts today in Oporto and will last until the 7th March. This year’s edition features a particular focus on the wine industry as this will be the main sector under coverage over the next 3 days. The keynote speaker this year will be Al Gore, who will be in charge of closing the event with a speech scheduled for 17h00 on the 7th March 2019.

The event will take place in Alfândega building. Tickets prices range from the early bird registration of 738 euros up until the 1168.50 euros that includes the official gala dinner. If you want to know more about this event, please visit the Climate Change Leadership website for more info.

If you are worried about climate change, then this is a relevant event for you...

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9 events of surfing, stand up paddle and long board!

Between March and October 2019, there will be 9 events of surfing, stand up paddle and long board in the beaches of Porto and Matosinhos. It is the fourth edition of the Wave Series that is promoted by two City Councils: Oporto and Matosinhos. These are mainly local events, but they tend to be very relevant to bring the crowds to the beaches, as more than 30,000 people are expected.

Some of the most relevant dates are:

  • 9th and 10th March – Rip Curl Grom Search
  • 16th and 17th March – North Surfing Championship
  • 4th and 5th May – Log Surf Fest / Invitational Sup Wave / National Championship
  • 11th and 12th May – Surf Family Challenge / Surf’n’dogs
  • 17th till 19th May – Renault Porto Pro
  • 5th and 6th October – Groms Trophy

If you are into surfing or surfing related activities, then these are...

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Oporto Extreme XL 2019

After last year’s success, the World Enduro Super Series returns to Oporto in 2019. The first event of this competition will take place in Oporto on the 11th May. The main location for this competition will be Ribeira and some of the top names will be performing there: Billy Bolt, Josep Garcia, Paul Bolton and many more!!

This is the 6th time this event happens in Oporto, becoming already an important milestone for Enduro fans. Last year’s edition had 240 participants that came from 22 different countries.

For more information about his event, please visit the Series website.

If you are into Enduro, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss!!

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