Blue Balcony

The flat has a small blue balcony with a “Belle Époque” design that opens the living room to sun rays coming from the Oporto sunsets.  This architectonic feature can be found in other Oporto buildings dating from the beginning of the 20th century and works as a clear distinctive feature of the flat. The blue balcony allows guests to overlook the Dom João IV street while having a tea, a smoke or a drink. The street is quite large by Oporto standards and you can always look at some of the palaces around, including the Spanish consulate, which is just across the street. Additionally, you can also use the balcony to have a tan during the afternoon of a sunny day, by leaving the window open and setting you feet up on the balcony fence.

Smoking is allowed in the balcony, never inside the apartment, and you should use the black vase with sand to dispose of all ashes and used cigarettes. Please do not dispose of ashes and used cigarettes in the vases with flowers or in the street or sidewalk.

There is also a large vase with artificial flowers for decorative purposes hanging from the balcony fence. Please do not remove it and do not use it to dispose of ashes and used cigarettes.

Enjoy our Balcony!!