Living room

The large living room with approximately 30 sqm, high ceiling and three big double glazed windows is the main feature of the Oporto Sunset Blue Balcony. This room serves simultaneously three purposes: kitchenette, dining room and living room. It has enough space for several guests to socialize, cook and have meals without feeling crowded. It is clearly a multifunctional space where guests can also watch TV, sleep, read a book or even get a tan during the afternoon, with the windows open and feet up in the Blue Balcony. This is the spot where you really enjoy the Oporto Sunset Blue Balcony experience!!

There are some key amenities and technologies that help this room to be a nice and cozy place no matter what you want to do. The large orange sofa bed (Friheten model IKEA) provides a comfortable place to read, watch TV or to sleep, whereas the dining table with 4 chairs can double as a working spot. For the extra convenience of large families or groups of friends, there is also a white sofa by the dining table that can be used as a single or double bed (Brimnes model IKEA). All the linen and pillows for the sofa beds can be found in the drawers and storing spaces in those same sofa beds.

The level of comfort in this room is high due to the modern technologies used to reduce noise levels, whether coming from the street or neighbours. Additionally, and in order to ensure your safety, you can find one smoke alarm and one Co2 alarm in the ceiling.