Climate Change Leadership

The Climate Change Leadership conference starts today in Oporto and will last until the 7th March. This year’s edition features a particular focus on the wine industry as this will be the main sector under coverage over the next 3 days. The keynote speaker this year will be Al Gore, who will be in charge of closing the event with a speech scheduled for 17h00 on the 7th March 2019.

The event will take place in Alfândega building. Tickets prices range from the early bird registration of 738 euros up until the 1168.50 euros that includes the official gala dinner. If you want to know more about this event, please visit the Climate Change Leadership website for more info.

If you are worried about climate change, then this is a relevant event for you...

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Rip Curl GromSearch 2018 – Oporto

The International Oporto beach will host the Rip Curl GromSearch event between the 1st and the 2nd December 2018. This international competition was designed to find new surf talents which are called grommets. This Rip Curl event started in Australia in 1999, but is now spread worldwide. The winner of the Portuguese event will go to Australia in 2019 to participate in the final of the international tournament.

If you are in the neighbourhood and surf is your thing, then it may make sense to watch some of the new Portuguese talents showing their skills …

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Beach Cleaning – October 2018

In a joint initiative, SEA LIFE Porto, Oporto University and the Oporto Water Company, are welcoming all volunteers to help clean the Oporto Castelo do Queijo beach on the 6th October 2018. The event should start at 10h15 and more than 300 people are expected to participate. The session should last for 90 minutes and afterwards there is a snack and a free visit to the Oporto Sea Life.

The beach cleaning session wants to draw people’s attention to the need to preserve and protect our oceans from all types of pollution. If you are around and want to give a helping hand, you are more than welcome … 🙂 🙂

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Next Generation Internet – 2018

The second edition of the Next Generation Internet event will take place in Oporto on the 13th September 2018. The conference center of Alfândega do Porto will welcome several european specialists in technology and innovation. The purpose of this event is to design, build and improve the internet of the future.

This year’s edition will cover the following topics, among others: Internet safety, artificial intelligence, Internet software, blockchain and network infrastructure.

Participation in this event is free and you can get more info in this link.

If you want to know more about the Internet of the future, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss!!

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Oporto Book Fair 2018

The 2018 edition of the Oporto Book Fair will take place in the gardens of Palácio de Cristal between the 7th and the 23rd September. This is a typical event in which several local bookshops and publishers try to present and sell some of their most interesting books and/or collections. There are not only books in Portuguese, but also in other languages, written by several national and international authors. For experts, there are also some unique and rare masterpieces.

Entry is free and if you are going to be in Oporto during these dates, this is clearly an event that deserves a visit.

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Meo Marés Vivas 2018 Festival

The Meo Marés Vivas 2018 Festival will take place in Vila Nova de Gaia (just across the river from Oporto) between the 20th and 22nd July 2018. This is the 12th edition of the festival and this year several big names will be playing live in 5 different stages. Among some of the artists featured in this event, we can find names like Jamoriquai, Goo Goo Dolls, Richie Campbell, Manel Cruz, Kodaline, David Guetta, Carolina Deslandes and The Black Mamba.

The event will take place in the “Antiga Seca do Bacalhau” and the pricing is the following:

  • 35 euros – one day ticket
  • 65 euros – all included ticket
  • 150 euros – VIP ticket

If you want to know more about this event, please visit the festival website.

Clearly, another fabulous music weekend at Oporto...

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Porto Beer Fest – 2018

Considered as a significant event on the way to Saint John’s celecbrations, the Porto Beer Fest will take place in Oporto between the 13th and 16th June 2018. The third edition of this event will have more than 300 varieties of beer and will also include food, music and a giant lcd screen to watch the world cup matches. Definitely, one of the best places in Oporto to watch the matches of your national team!!!

The event will take place in Palácio de Cristal and is free. More than 40 000 visitors are expected to participate in this initiative.

If beer is your thing, then this is an event you cannot miss. Do not forget to go to Palácio de Cristal for beer action!!

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New art exhibitions in Miguel Bombarda …

June is a month with new art exhibitions in Miguel Bombarda. On the 9th June there will be 16 new exhibitions available. To ensure that people get the most out of these new exhibits, there will be very specific initiatives taking place:

  • Bombarda Stop & Go – Guided tours to Galleries – Two tours of approximately 60 minutes each starting at 16h00 and 17h30. Groups of 30 people. If you want to take the tour, send an email to
  • Toys creation workshop – between 16h00 and 19h00. Free demonstration in Miguel Bombarda delivered by Simão Bolivar.
  • Modern dance – between 17h00 and 18h00 in Miguel Bombarda. Production: Balleteatro

Galleries that participate in this event:
Rua de Miguel Bombarda:

  • Galeria São Mamede – Gil Maia, [DE]Constructions
  • Galeria Serpente – Beatriz Mant...
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White Wedding Weekend – Oporto

The White Wedding Weekend is a major event dedicated to all that are involved in the wedding industry, including fashion, cuisine and other activities. This year, the White Wedding Weekend will take place in Oporto, in Alfândega building, between the 9th and the 12th November. Ticket prices are 4 euros per person and opening hours are 21h00 on Thursday and Friday, and 15h00 on Saturday and Sunday. Closing times are 24h00 on everyday, except Sunday (20h00).

The programme for this event includes the following fashion shows:

    9th November:

  • 21h00 – Gio Rodrigues
  • 23h00 – Jordi Dalmau
    10th November:

  • 21h30 – And I Wonder
  • 22h30 – Andreia Lobato
  • 23h30 – Micaela Oliveira
    11th November:

  • 16h00 – Adelina Barros Estilista
  • 17h00 – Cristina Campos
  • 18h00 – Principessa Noivas
  • 22h00 – Rafae...
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Wine Fest Porto – November

In 2017, there is another Wine Fest edition that will take place on the 18th November in “Salão Nobre da Alfândega” – Oporto. Around 33 wine producers coming from 11 regions in Portugal are going to present more than 300 wines to distributors and final consumers in a single room. There will be several wine tasting events and some of those include very unique and special wines.

The event starts at 15h00 and goes until 20h00. There are three types of packs available to participate in the Wine Fest: a standard pack of 10 euros, a special event pack of 20 euros and a full pack of 50 euros.

If you are into wine and want to taste the best that Portugal has to offer then you cannot miss this event!! Be ready for the ultimate wine experience!!

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