Portugal fashion back to Oporto

The 2019 edition of the Portugal fashion is going to happen in Oporto between the 14th and the 17th March. After New York, London, Milan and Paris, Oporto is the next stop for this event that is going to be held in Alfândega building over the next 4 days.

There will be more than 40 fashion shows featuring some of the main brands and national designers. They will be presenting their autumn-winter collection.

For more info, please visit the Portugal Fashion website.

If you are into fashion and want to know the local trends, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss.

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Fashion City – March 2018

In order to accommodate this year’s Portugal fashion shows, there will be a new infrastructure temporarily built in “Parque da Cidade”. This new infrastructure has 10000 square meters, 80% are covered, and will be called fashion city. There will be 3 “passerelles”, each one with 1000 square meters and the ability to accommodate 1000 spectators. So all fashion shows presented in Oporto between the 22nd and 24th March will take place in this infrastructure, in lines similar to what happens in other major fashion cities like London, New York or Paris.

You happen to be around during these dates and you are into fashion, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss. Watching fashion shows in a special space conceived all for fashion lovers!!

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Oporto – City Life Index 2018

The Time International published its City Life Index 2018 and Oporto managed to get an impressive second place!! Oporto is considered as the best place in the world to make friends, fall in love and keep family links. This is a sign that Oporto is changing for the better and that local residents are quite proud of the significant development the city has witnessed over the past years.

With these high satisfaction levels, Oporto ranked ahead of important cities, such as New York, London or Madrid. Only Chicago did better than Oporto and reached the first place in the index.

Overall, this is a very significant result for Oporto and is clearly showing that all the efforts and investments being made are leading to a better living experience!!

Therefore, if you still do not know Oporto, then ...

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