Nations League – Final Four

The final four of the Football Nations League is coming to Portugal and also to Oporto between the 5th and the 9th June 2019. Besides Oporto, also Guimarães will be hosting some of the games of this final four. The football teams playing this final four are Portugal, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. The final match will take place in Dragão stadium – Oporto.

The schedule for matches is the following:

  • 5th June – OPorto – Portugal – Switzerland
  • 6th June – Guimarães – Netherlands – England
  • 9th June – 14h00 – Guimarães – 3rd and 4th place
  • 9th June – 19h45 – Oporto – Final

Ticket prices range from 30 to 120 euros for all matches except the final. The final ticket prices range from 40 to 150 euros. All tickets can be purchased in the UEFA website.

If you are into Football, then thi...

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Free access – Chinese National Ballet in Oporto

The Oporto mayor and the Chinese ambassador in Portugal are promoting a ballet show that will take place on the 27th March 2019 at 21h00. This show performed by the Chinese National Ballet company intends to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and China.

The show is free, however, those interested in watching it must stop by the Coliseu Porto Ageas ticket stand to get your free tickets. They are already available for collection and should run out soon.

If you are into ballet and happen to be in Oporto during this week, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss! Get your tickets now!

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Smart Capital 2018

The Smart Capital 2018 will take place again in Oporto. This year’s edition will happen between the 20th and 21st September 2018 in the Dragon Stadium. It is an event promoted by the International Venture Club (IVC) in partnership with the Oporto City Council. It gathers under the same roof people looking for new business opportunities: innovators, funds managers and independent investors. Most of the participants are international, but some national companies will also be around, such as: EDP, Sonae, Capital partners and Portugal Ventures.

If you want to know more about global and local business opportunities, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss …

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Vinho Verde Wine Fest Oporto

The Vinho Verde Wine Festival will take place in Oporto between the 12th and the 15th July 2018. This is a fundamental event to promote one of the most typical products of the North of Portugal and will include, not only wine tasting, but also show cooking, exhibitions, cultural activities and much more. The Alfândega building will host this event. All major Vinho Verde producers are expected to participate with expectations pointing at more than 120 commented wine tasting activities and 70 show cooking experiences.

Doors open at 17h00 and close at 24h00, on the 12th and 13th. On the 14th, doors open at 12h00 and close at 24h00. Finally, on the 15th, doors open at 12h00 and close at 19h00...

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Oporto – One of the safest spots in the world (NYT)

The New York Times considers Oporto as an example of one of the safest destinations for American tourists in the world, displaying a photo of the city in one of its main articles.

Based on information from the US Administration, the New York Times reports the fact that Portugal is one of the safest countries in the world, being considered as risk level 1, due to low crime rate, low propensity for terrorist attacks, low social upheaval and low health hazards. These are clear advantages that make Oporto and Portugal stand out as attractive destinations!!

If you are about to book your holidays, do not forget to take this into consideration!!!

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Wine Fest Porto – November

In 2017, there is another Wine Fest edition that will take place on the 18th November in “Salão Nobre da Alfândega” – Oporto. Around 33 wine producers coming from 11 regions in Portugal are going to present more than 300 wines to distributors and final consumers in a single room. There will be several wine tasting events and some of those include very unique and special wines.

The event starts at 15h00 and goes until 20h00. There are three types of packs available to participate in the Wine Fest: a standard pack of 10 euros, a special event pack of 20 euros and a full pack of 50 euros.

If you are into wine and want to taste the best that Portugal has to offer then you cannot miss this event!! Be ready for the ultimate wine experience!!

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