Nations League – Final Four

The final four of the Football Nations League is coming to Portugal and also to Oporto between the 5th and the 9th June 2019. Besides Oporto, also Guimarães will be hosting some of the games of this final four. The football teams playing this final four are Portugal, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland. The final match will take place in Dragão stadium – Oporto.

The schedule for matches is the following:

  • 5th June – OPorto – Portugal – Switzerland
  • 6th June – Guimarães – Netherlands – England
  • 9th June – 14h00 – Guimarães – 3rd and 4th place
  • 9th June – 19h45 – Oporto – Final

Ticket prices range from 30 to 120 euros for all matches except the final. The final ticket prices range from 40 to 150 euros. All tickets can be purchased in the UEFA website.

If you are into Football, then thi...

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Free access – Chinese National Ballet in Oporto

The Oporto mayor and the Chinese ambassador in Portugal are promoting a ballet show that will take place on the 27th March 2019 at 21h00. This show performed by the Chinese National Ballet company intends to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Portugal and China.

The show is free, however, those interested in watching it must stop by the Coliseu Porto Ageas ticket stand to get your free tickets. They are already available for collection and should run out soon.

If you are into ballet and happen to be in Oporto during this week, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss! Get your tickets now!

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James coming to Oporto twice!

The UK band James is going to perform live twice in Oporto in 2019. With the first gig scheduled for the 3rd April already sold out, the band decided to announce another live performance for the 13th September 2019. The September concert will take place in Parque da Pasteleira whereas the 3rd April gig will take place in Coliseu Ageas. The 13th September 2019 will also be the time for the release of their 15th album of originals, named Living in Extraordinary Times.

Tickets are already available for purchase in FNAC and ticketline, with prices starting from as low as 28 euros.

If you are a fan of James, then this is an opportunity you cannot miss. Buy now your tickets for the September gig and stay with us at the Oporto Sunset Blue Balcony!

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Climate Change Leadership

The Climate Change Leadership conference starts today in Oporto and will last until the 7th March. This year’s edition features a particular focus on the wine industry as this will be the main sector under coverage over the next 3 days. The keynote speaker this year will be Al Gore, who will be in charge of closing the event with a speech scheduled for 17h00 on the 7th March 2019.

The event will take place in Alfândega building. Tickets prices range from the early bird registration of 738 euros up until the 1168.50 euros that includes the official gala dinner. If you want to know more about this event, please visit the Climate Change Leadership website for more info.

If you are worried about climate change, then this is a relevant event for you...

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BOOM-Massive Growth week

The BOOM-Massive Growth week returns to Oporto for another series of workshops on Marketing and Sales that will be directed by several experts in these two fields. Approximately 25 speakers have been invited to address some of the most relevant and controversial topics in terms of real estate expansion, lean marketing and much more. This event is sponsored by the national association of young entrepreneurs (ANJE) and other institutions with a dynamic role in terms of startups.

Tickets are available in the following formats:

  • Daily ticket: 34,99 euros, including lunch.
  • Weekly ticket: 139,99 euros, including lunches.

For more info about this event, please visit the BOOM week site.

If Marketing and Sales are your thing, then this is an opportunity you should not miss!!

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16th edition of “Essência do Vinho”

The 16th edition of “Essência do Vinho” will take place in Oporto between the 21st and the 24th February 2019. As it is usual, this year’s edition will be located in Palácio da Bolsa featuring more than 3000 wines from 400 national and international producers.

There will be several wine contests, workshops, wine tasting and much more. The venue will be open from 15h00 until 20h00 on the 21st and 24th , and until 21h00 on the 22nd and 23rd. Tickets are already available for online purchase. For more info, please visit the event website.

If wine is your thing, then this is an event you should no miss. Please book now and stay with us 🙂 🙂

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TAP trebles flights to New York

The Portuguese airline (TAP) announced a threefold increase in the number of flights between Oporto and New York City. The airline is going to increase the number of weekly flights from 2 to 6. Therefore, it is possible to travel between these two cities everyday, except Tuesday. Flights are already available for sale and the plane used in this route is the Airbus A321 Long Range.

This is a relevant step for Oporto as it significantly enhances its ability to attract traffic and tourists from other continents. It is clearly a great opportunity for US citizens to visit Oporto!!!

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DashDash founders in Oporto.

DashDash founders, Humberto Pereira and Torben Schulz, are coming to Oporto on the 17th January 2019 to participate and speak in the second edition of the Startup Grind Porto. The event starts at 19h00 in the Critical Software premises ( LARGO TITO FONTES, Nº 21 PORTO, 4000-124 ) and is sponsored by Google for Entrepreneurs. Tickets are available for purchase online in two different versions: early bird (4.71 euros) and regular (8.41 euros).

If you into entrepreneurship or want to know more about dashdash history and strategy, then this is a great opportunity to do so!! For more information, please visit the Startup Grind Porto website!

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Bob Dylan – Oporto 2019

Bob Dylan is coming to Oporto on the 1st May 2019, to perform in Coliseu Porto Ageas. Tickets are already available for sale with prices ranging from 40 to 140 euros, according to the event’s promoter.

If you are planning to visit Oporto in May and you are a fan of Bob Dylan, then this is another reason to book now!!

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New air route between Oporto and Brazil

The Azul Brazilian airline will start flying between Oporto and Campinas from June 2019. The airline intends to have three weekly connections between these two cities using Airbus A330 planes, each with a maximum capacity of 272 passengers.

Oporto will be the second European city that receives flights from this Brazilian carrier. Flights from Campinas will depart every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 17h20 (local time), whereas flights from Oporto will depart every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9h25 (local time). Tickets are already available for sale!!

This is clearly another route to bring more Brazilian tourists to Oporto and Europe!!

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