Ice rinks for Xmas in Oporto

There will be two ice rinks available in Oporto during Christmas time for everyone that wants to skate. The rinks are already open to the public and anyone that wants to use them needs to pay an admission fee:

  • 3.50 euros for 20 minutes in both rinks
  • 5 euros for 60 minutes in the Praça Dom João I rink
  • 6 euros for 60 minutes in the Praça de Mouzinho Albuquerque rink

Both rinks will be open for business until the 6th January 2018. Working hours range, in general, from 10h00 until 22h00, with special times for weekends and bank holidays.

If you intend to be in Oporto during the holidays, then this may be an interesting option to entertain you in true Christmas spirit!!

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2.3 million Xmas lights in Oporto

More than 2 million LED lights will be installed in 59 streets, avenues, gardens and buildings in Oporto to celebrate Xmas and New Year’s eve 2018. This is one of the biggest investments in Xmas lights from the Oporto City Council and the lights should be available from the 1st December 2018 until the 6th January 2019. To celebrate this investment, there will be a special event on the 1st December at 18h00 with all Xmas lights being switched on in Avenida dos Aliados (the place where one of the biggest Xmas trees of Portugal can be found – 40 metres height and 29 000 lights).

Besides lights, there will also be other elements of Xmas decoration being used throughout Oporto.

If you are going to be around for the holidays, then you must check the Xmas lights and visit the Xmas tree in Avenida...

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